Current Work

 Sex & Drugs & Boerewors Rolls
Wok shape bowl
 How can we be the only race that Love and Hate
Wok shape bowl

 Poor is the man who's pleasure depends on the permission of another

 No tears to cry no feelings left,
This species has amused itself to death

 I don't want to be responsible
I want to live my life to the full

 And crawling on this planet's face
a species called the human race

 Affirmation Cubes
Peace, Smile, Solace
Haemony, Love, Serene
Dignity, Dream, Dance

 Behind your fears, your raging tears,
I see your shining star

Sing me a song of Saints and Saviours,
Give me a promise of hearts that mend

 Bottle Vase

 Vuvuzela Vases

 Vuvuzela Vase
 Large Teapot

Small Teapot

 Tea Bowls


 Cylinder Vases

 Tapered Vase

 Tapered Vase
The Comfort of Strangers
Tapered Vase
 Large Vase

 Pedestal Bowl