Monday, July 12, 2010

Mouldmaking Workshop

Being a commercial ceramics producer for 15 years taught me a lot about moulds and mouldmaking. Due to the nature of my designs, I learnt the hard way what was possible and what not, but ended up with a great range that were available in all the best stores locally and abroad. The Origami inspired vases pictures above received the Elle Decoration WOW award for South African design, which made me very proud. Sculpting the original took nearly two weeks to complete and the mould was made in five pieces. Casting was another problem, removing the mould at the correct time was crucial, else the many angles could cause cracking in the drying process.

I will be running mouldmaking workshops for ceramics upon request and will limit it to small groups of not more than four people at a time, thus you will be assured of personal attention throughout the course. The workshops are fully participating and will be run once a week over five weeks. It is suitable for people both in the beginner stage right through to accomplished ceramists. All materials are included, but tools and equipment, of which a list will be provided, need to be supplied by the participant.

This is an in depth workshop offering you the most comprehensive training in ceramic mouldmaking in South Africa. You will acquire techniques to make virtually any kind of mould. You will use traditional methods as well as the use of high tech materials used in industrial design. You will go home with three usable moulds.

  • Basic principles of moulds
  • Different grades of Plaster of Paris and their use
  • Modeling
  • One Piece drop out moulds
  • Two piece moulds with uniform thickness
  • Multiple piece moulds
  • Turning from templates
  • Mastermoulds
  • Caring for your moulds
  • Suppliers
For further enquiries and to book a date contact me via e-mail or contact me on 072 134 9613

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