Saturday, September 25, 2010

Artist's Statement

My current body of work is subsequent of a preceding range that depicted crime and violence in our society and our personal lives. After a serious illness, I was given another chance in life and decided to abandon negativity on all levels. I decided to also portray a more positive message with my work. The colour red, which represent blood, previously associated with death or injury, now becomes a renewing source of life. Cracks and joins are accentuated rather than disguised, and like scars on our body that heal over, also becomes part of the work giving it itʼs own personality.

The lace imprints and classical embellishments can be compared to denialism, or disguising reality, making it look pretty and less severe than it actually is. The numbers, previously crime statistics, are now random and serve to identity each piece - compared to all the numbers in your own life that uniquely identify you - identity number, passport number, telephone numbers, membership numbers, account numbers, etc.

With the technique of pressing slabs of soft clay into preformed moulds I am going back to basic clay forming methods, as I never want to forget where I came from. The sophistication lies in the way I award it my own signature. To reduce my carbon footprint I apply colour and glaze on greenware to cut out extra firings, also reducing the final temperature to give me sufficient strength and durability without compromising quality, thereby conserving precious energy.

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