Thursday, March 3, 2011

It's the Little Things that count

People so often are obsessed with size, the bigger the better, that they often overlook the importance of little things.

Pictured above are the first prototypes that I am developing as a project to help people living with HIV to create means of an income. Living in a country with the highest rate of HIV infections in the world, we are all in daily contact with people living with the virus. Although the public health care dispense free anti-retroviral medication, people still need to maintain a healthy diet to ensure their wellbeing.

These ceramic components will end up in pieces of jewellery, and will teach people a variety of skills, from making the various components to assembling (using traditional skills like beading) to eventually selling the product to both the formal and informal markets.

By owning one or more of these beautiful pieces, you will also contribute to empowering people to support themselves and their families. Follow this blog for images of finished pieces. Inquire about owning a piece or to buy a range at wholesale prices.

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