Friday, April 1, 2011

Have a Heart

When I was invited to exhibit at the ʻOut of the Boxʼ Art Fair Extraordinaire, I decided to make a few heart shaped items for the occasion. With the proceeds of the fair going to the ʻOut of the Boxʼ Skills Development Centre, I decided the shape would be appropriate. The centre provide training to unemployed people to acquire basic craft skills in order for them to make items to sell as a way of sustaining themselves.

Why red? Suitably it is the colour of blood which pump through our hearts without which life would be impossible. Please support the artists exhibiting, proceeds go to a very worthy cause.

Art Fair Extraordinaire
Friday 1 April to Sunday 3 April
10H00 to 14H00 daily
305 Long Avenue
Enquiries: Nina 083 583 5383

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