Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sex & Drugs & Boerewors Rolls

Sex & Drugs & Rock ʼn Roll is a song written by Ian Dury and composed by Chas Jenkel, released on 26 August 1977, initially as the B-side of the single ʻRazzle In My Pocketʼ, due to itʼs then controversial title. Banned from being played on the radio by the BBC, (and heavens forbid, the verkrampte SABC) the song was never really a chart topper, but became an anthem of the Punk Rock Era.

The title is a modern day interpretation of the term ʻWine, Woman and Songʼ, and the lyrics is often misinterpreted as that of excess, whereas the song actually is rebelling against the mediocre 9 to 5 existence of the masses.

“Hereʼs a little bit of advice, youʼre quite welcome, itʼs free,
Donʼt do nothing that is cut-price, youʼll know what theyʼll make you be:
They will try their tricky device, trap you with the ordinary,
Get your teeth into a small slice, the cake of liberty”

With my bowl, which would initially be viewed as quirky, I would also like to challenge the mediocrity of suburbia in South Africa. The blue and white decoration, reminiscent of Delftware, which is actually kitsch, but rather collectable, is such a predictable element in suburban interiors.
Fitting with our modern lifestyle, sexual intercourse is redefined as a form of recreation, unlike other mammals where they purely engage in it for reproductive purposes. The use and abuse of drugs also becomes a daily routine, ranging anywhere from basic vitamin supplements, birth control, tranquilisers and sleeping tablets to more hardcore substances. Fast food, of which Boerewors Rolls are South Africaʼs contribution, become very predictable, you know exactly what you will be getting, it takes thinking out of food consumption and preparation, thus reflecting on our mediocre predictable lifestyle

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